Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Special "Amorous" Issue of Clean Sheets!

The next stop on my shinkansen express blog tour for Amorous Woman is the big, beautiful erotica mecca Clean Sheets! I'm a huge fan of this magazine, known since its founding for first-rate erotic literature. They were also the first erotica venue to publish me back in 2003. The story I wrote for their first contest "The New Libertine" took first prize and went on to make Best American Erotica 2006 in a longer form under the title "Ukiyo." As you see, Clean Sheets represents a lot of "first's" for me!

But enough about the past. This week Clean Sheets is running three features about Amorous Woman. Leading the way, a review by Gwen Masters, one of my very favorite erotica writers. Praise from Gwen is high praise indeed! There's also an illustrated travelogue of photos of settings from Amorous Woman that I took during my trip to Japan in April. Wanna see where Lydia fell in love with the elegant dentist? The hot spring bath where she got into mischief? The streets of Gion where she escaped to indulge in seedier adventures? Or perhaps you'd like to climb the red stairway to the "Banana Room" and see what mysteries lie within to tickle your banana?

Finally, the Pillow Fiction section has my brand-new, never-before-seen story "The Day the Sun Goddess Got Laid" which is a riff on an ancient Japanese myth, with a decidedly erotic twist. Come frolic with the Japanese gods on the High Plain of Heaven. Things get pretty wild up there....

So stop by Clean Sheets and do leave a comment saying how wonderful and talented you think I am (but only if you mean it, of course!)

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Jeremy Edwards said...


"Sun Goddess" is a beautiful tale told in a magical voice.

Congrats on the well-deserved review, too. And thanks for the guided tour of Japan, Sensei!