Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lusty Ladies in Their Prime

I have a number of publications coming out this summer and one of the most exciting and definitely most fun to write is my story “The First Time” which appears in the newly-released 39 and Still Holding, edited by the fabulous Robin Slick. I’m very excited to be in one of Robin’s anthologies—she’s been a great mentor and inspiration over the years. We first met a number of years ago through the Zoetrope online workshop, where I was absolutely enthralled by early drafts of Robin’s wonderful, funny and very erotic novel, Three Days in New York City. She and I subsequently went on to appear in the same issue of In Posse Review and both used the image of a heart-shaped ass—pure coincidence and proof positive that great minds think alike.

The line up of authors in 39 and Still Holding is very impressive, and I’m especially excited to be in the company of another talented Zoetrope workshop mate, Kay Sexton. So, if you’re interested in some very hot stories about women who know exactly what they want and how to get it, check it out—you can read an excerpt of my story here.

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