Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Sizzling Midnight Talk with Dr. Susan Block

Good news! I finally have a link to my scandalous midnight discussion with Dr. Susan Block on September 27. You've heard about the Speakeasy, you've heard about my night-time ride through darkest LA, and now you can hear Dr. Suzy and I talk very frankly about Amorous Woman, its autobiographical elements, its sexiest scenes and how to pick up older Japanese women!

If you have an hour or so (preferably around midnight with some interesting rocking chairs nearby for your "comfort") lean back and get ready for some sizzle right here!

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Anonymous said...

I loved what you said about the service of offering your perspective of sexuality to your kids as it becomes age-appropriate for them. It is so heartening to know there are parents like you acting as such.

Also, "In terms of experimenting and really pushing things [in your personal sex life], it went hand in hand with my beginning to write erotica, which is why I recommend it to everybody" made me laugh out loud!