Monday, October 06, 2008

Pleasures of the Dark Side

For those of you who were hoping for the next installment of my Hollywood story, it's coming, oh yes, it's coming. But lots of other fun things have been happening in the past few weeks, and I wanted to make sure you all knew about my latest column over at the Erotica Readers and Writers Association. This month I talk about the Pleasures of the Dark Side: Naughty Schoolgirls, Saintly Pumpkin and the Seductive Shadows Within.

Halloween really is the erotica writer's holiday in my opinion. We all love to dress up and play make believe in the dark, but wouldn't you say erotica writers make it a year-round indulgence? I also talk all about costume play--note the offerings at Hustler Hollywood--and I offer a low-fat, but delicious pumpkin pudding recipe to tease your taste buds in a seasonal manner. Since pumpkin filling usually makes for a gluey bottom crust of a pie, why not save the calories and have your pumpkin in a parfait glass with just a touch of whipped cream and chopped crystallized ginger?

Mmm, I might just have to go and stir up a batch. Except we are still working on my husband's homemade German chocolate brownie birthday cake. Maybe after my New York book tour?

Bon appetit!

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE Halloween -- so it was so fun to read your column! I also feel that "nostalgic" kind of thing around Halloween time, reminding me of disgusting cheap candy (lol -- I'm a big fan of the "heart-healthy" dark chocolate now too) from trick-or-treating during my childhood. The pumkin pudding recipe looks fabulous; I'm looking forward to trying it!

Thanks for a great, fun article on one of my favorite holidays!!