Friday, January 18, 2013

"Safe" Sex in Trouble and "The Naughty Chair"

It's the Friday before a much-needed holiday (two weeks is TOO long to go without a festive break), and the fun is beginning already.  First Giselle Renarde reviews my story "The Naughty Chair" which appears in Alison Tyler's forthcoming The Big Book of Bondage.  Let me say Giselle knows how to rub a writer in just the right way.

I've also posted a new column at ERWA, "The Trouble with 'Safe' Sex," which was inspired by an xoJane article on Lena Dunham's audacity is insisting an "imperfect" woman has the right to enjoy her sexuality.  I argue that we seek the same "safety" in our depiction of sex as only existing between partners who meet our social standards of attractiveness.  What do you think we're hiding from?

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