Wednesday, January 02, 2013

A New Year, A New Look at my New Book!

Happy New Year and best wishes for a happy, healthy and creative 2013!  I'm starting off the year by joining in a popular writer's activity of 2012:  The Next Big Thing Blog Hop.  I was tagged by Emily Jane Trent, who appears with me in the very sexy and slinky Vixotica: Sexy Short Stories by Best-Selling Erotica Authors.  Emily is the author of the Masquerade Series, a five-part tale which starts with Passion Unleashed and ends with Passion Embraced.  Although it was first published in paperback in 2008, I am very proud of my beautiful new ebook version of Amorous Woman which was released this past autumn.  The blog hop gave me an opportunity to share some information--including a few new secrets--about my book.

What is the title of your book?

Amorous Woman

What inspired your book?

I spent several years living in Japan in the early 1980s.  Immersion is such a different and fascinating culture made a deep impression on me.  Amorous Woman is not completely autobiographical, but the sensual memories and the yearning to become closer to Japan are very much my own.  Of course, my greatest inspiration was the many wonderful people I met in Japan: friends, boyfriends, mentors, courteous strangers.

How would you classify it in terms of genre?

Literary erotica.

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

Ken Watanabe as Kimura.  Emma Stone as Lydia.

Give us a short synopsis of your book.

It’s about an American woman's sexual awakening in Japan as she tests the limits of love and sensual pleasure.  She almost always gets an A on the test.

Can you tell us about the publisher?

The new ebook version is with Iro Books, the erotica line of Stonebridge Press.  If you have an erotica manuscript set in Asia, send it to them!

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

I’d been wanting to tell the story since the 1980’s, but when I was commissioned to write a book for Orion’s Neon erotica line in 2005, I finally had the chance to write it down.  I spent about six months writing intensely for the deadline—and I made it!  Thanks to too many cases of diet Snapple....

What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

It’s not unlike Memoirs of a Geisha with more sex.  Lots more sex.

Describe an ideal setting for enjoying your book.

I suggest you take a long soak in a hot tub, then wrap yourself in a silk kimono and lounge on a futon (or bed) with a flask of sake and some sushi by your side.  Soft koto music is good accompaniment, although I listened obsessively to Tupac’s “All Eyez on Me” as I was writing the novel, so that’s an authentic alternative.

If I read your book, what’s in it for me?

My novel will take you on an intimate trip to a Japan few tourists ever see for much less than a plane ticket to Tokyo.  I’m talking threesomes, orgies, pornographic comics come to life, passionate affairs with married men, true love and descriptions of Japanese feasts to make your mouth water.  Believe me, it’s a bargain.

The Q&A is over, so what are you waiting for?  Pick up a copy of Amorous Woman for your e-reader right now.  If you’re looking for more delicious erotica to satisfy your appetite, check out these new works by some wonderful erotica writers:

Kristina Wright's Best Erotic Romance 2013 with a wonderful story by the very poetic Erobintica.

Lisabet Sarai's Coming Together In Vein, an anthology of sexy vampire tales.  Lisabet is a true master of our genre.

Emerald embodies the spirit of sex-positive warmth and wisdom and her latest publication appears in the Mischief anthology, Too Fast For Love.

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Emerald said...

I have no idea why I'm just seeing this now, but what a lovely Q & A (and gorgeous picture), and thank you so much for the mention!

Amorous Woman continues to be one of my all-time favorite novels—I feel, actually, that it's about time for me to read it again....