Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Alison's Wonderland and Magic in My Hands

The fireworks aren't over, folks, because today I'm being interviewed over at Alison Tyler's blog about my story in her hot new erotica anthology, Alison's Wonderland. My story, "Managers and Mermen," is inspired by "The Little Mermaid" of course, and it's guaranteed to have you craving sushi. Having read many of the delicious stories which provocatively rewrite classic tales from "Snow White" to "The Three Bill Goats Gruff," I can assure you this is a fairy tale book that will definitely keep you up past your bedtime!

So check out my tell-all interview, learn all about my "accessories" drawer, and leave a comment if you are so inspired.

Here's an excerpt from "Managers and Mermen":

“Pretty girl, do you want to go for a ride?”

Her liquid warble makes it sound like an invitation, but the glint in her green eyes tells me it’s really an order.

There will be consequences if I don’t obey.

And so I straddle her tail--at the widest part, where a human girl’s hips would be--and squeeze my thighs around her. It’s not so different from riding bareback, except her scales aren’t warm like horseflesh. They’re cool and slippery and they tickle my tender parts through the crotch of my swimsuit. I wriggle a bit, trying to get comfortable, but it only makes the tingling sensation more intense.

“Hold on tight,” she warns and immediately shoots off through the water. My upper body rocks like a broncobuster’s as we speed through the swaying seaweed. I have to grip her with all my might just to stay on. My legs are aching and I can feel the powerful muscles of her tail rippling between my thighs. Soon her once cool skin is plumped and warm, pulsing faintly. Or is it just me?

She swoops into a grotto and rears up to a stop. I fall forward and clutch her shoulders, panting. My veins sing with adrenaline.

In one swift movement, she twists around to face me. The slick twirl of her tail between my legs sends electric jolts through my body.

“Keep those pretty legs squeezed tight,” she says, her eyes boring into me. “You don’t want our ride to end yet, do you?”

I shake my head. What else can I do? She has me trapped in her lair, under her spell. I watch, enchanted, as she hooks her fingers under the kelp straps of her seashell bra and rips them away to expose her full breasts. Her skin is creamy, like a human girl’s, but the nipples are strange—a luminous jade green.

“Kiss them,” she commands, lifting her breasts in offering. Again, I have no choice. This is her realm, her laws.

I bend forward and take one shimmering nipple between my lips. The salty tang of nori fills my mouth. Suddenly I’m ravenously hungry. I tug on her, harder, as if I can satisfy the growing ache in my belly that way.

“That’s lovely, keep up the good work,” she sighs, but then her voice takes on a sterner tone.

“Except it’s not really work for you, is it? I can feel what’s going on down there. Your secret muscles are all fluttery and you’re wet inside, too. You like playing with another girl’s breasts, don’t you?”

Still suckling, I nod. I must always agree, always do her bidding. But it’s the truth, too. I do like it.

“You are a naughty girl, but you’re making me all fluttery, too.”

Indeed her tail is gyrating gently, pressing up against my clit, then circling away. I can tell from the way her eyes glow that she’s enjoying it.

What comes next takes me completely by surprise....

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what a delicious snippet..:-) off now to read your interview..:-)