Monday, August 31, 2009

Memorable Meals and In the Flesh Shamelessness

So, yes, you may have noticed I've been on break from my travelogue (or "travelblogue" as Jeremy Edwards dubbed it) because of back-to-school busyness and a quick trip to Germany to taste some of Danielle de Santiago's delicious chutney. I'm planning to slip back into my time machine tomorrow to attend a candle-lit and spectre-haunted dinner in 1863, but in the meantime we all know a new month starts tomorrow and that means the new columns are up at the Erotica Readers and Writers Association website.

And thankfully I made it back from the nineteenth century in time to meet my deadlines so I'm actually part of the current issue!

This month's "Cooking Up a Storey" was inspired by an amazing meal I had at a friend's house two weekends ago. Of course you knew that sex, food and writing had a lot in common, but I've come up with a new twist on that connection--plus I share my recipe for a simple, but tasty soup, which always gets rave reviews in spite of the fact it involves minimal fuss to make. (My foodie fetishes aside, most of the time I like to make quick, healthy dishes). And psst, there's a tie-in with BDSM bedroom play, for those of you who like dancing on the edge. So click on over to ERWA read all about "Secrets of Seduction: Memorable Meals, Spicy Sex, and Chameleon Carrot Soup."

In this month's "Shameless Self-Promotion" I really strip down to my skivvies to tell you all my deep, dark secrets for "
Promoting In the Flesh: Launch Parties, Readings and Book Fairs." To think it was only a year ago when I was poised to go on my "national" book tour. Ah, the memories. Anyway, in this case, I'm sure you'll agree, a picture of my butt is actually a completely appropriate illustration!

Happy September to you all!


SusanD said...

Great articles, and that meal does sound amazing! Even better, that the friend/chef had YOU -- someone who really appreciated it -- as a guest. That REALLY makes it.

Marina said...

Ooh - I think I'm going to make carrot soup tomorrow! It sounds very comforting! Thanks!

Jeremy Edwards said...

A wealth of insights, experience, edification, and entertainment, as always!

The french toast joke cracked me up, and the name of the soup [I'm trying to avoid "spoilers," in case people are reading here first before hopping over to the columns] is so elegant and adorable!

Donna said...

Thank you Susan, Marina and Jeremy! I appreciate your eyeball time and your kind words.

And yeah, Susan, I guess the writer/reader and/or cook/guest is a two-way street. I certainly appreciate appreciative readers!

The carrot soup is actually very comforting, Marina. And it is so easy, yet so smooth and sweet, it feels like you "cheated" to get the result :-).

That French toast joke is actually based on a New Yorker I knew (a transplanted New Yorker) who had every service and restaurant ranked! It's a natural tendency of sorts, but I do try to resist it.

Thanks again, guys!

Danielle said...

oh so much new stuff to read..sorry i m off to dive into your

neve black said...

Hi Donna,
Great article, as usual. I've dined at some memorable "top 10" places too, but there's also something so special and charming when dining at someone's home.

p.s. I couldn't help but tie in the menage a candles found around the dinner table with a wee bit of sexual peppering. :-0

Craig Sorensen said...

Wow, you gave me a lot to feast upon there, Donna. I'm still pretty far from even getting my book published, but I am thinking of such things. Just a couple of days ago I was thinking about readings and such (which, as you know, is a big weak area for me) and thinking, "well, the sales couldn't equal the cost to go to ______." But I do see your point about getting out there with readers, and how valuable that could be.

I too am one who doesn't like top ten lists, prefer "among my favorites" or some such. I can see why you gave in to such a temptation, though, the meal sounds excellent. And I like the way you related this to writing.

Cheers, on a couple of very fine articles. Delicious feasts unto themselves, and, as importantly, food for thought.

Donna said...

Yes, Neve, good things do come in threes ;-). Thanks for reading!

Donna said...

Oh, Craig, your promotional costs will never "pay off" in the literal sense, but there is so much more to gain in terms of enriching yourself as a writer who connects with readers.

And, although this wasn't in the flesh at the beginning, I met you, Susan, Marina, Jeremy, Danielle and Neve as a result (direct or indirect) of promoting Amorous Woman. The best royalties there could be!

Emerald said...

Lovely articles, as usual, Donna! I really feel like if I ever have anything big to promote like you did/do, I will have learned so much from what you've shared about promotion.

And I really, really, really love this:

"Popular as they are, they are founded on elitist principles—first that the worth of anything can be measured and ranked so facilely, and secondly that not making the list, for whatever arbitrary reason, implies unworthiness. . . . Ideally, each experience stands on its own merits, incomparable to any other."

Thanks. : )