Monday, December 15, 2008

It Gets Even Hotter at Dr. Dick's!

Forget Christmas, this is really what I’ve been waiting for: Part 2 of Dr. Dick’s interview with me is now available for your listening pleasure, and I mean pleasure! Maybe it’s because it always takes me just a little time to warm up properly. Or maybe it’s the lovely Malbec the doctor kept pouring into my glass while I sank deeper into that comfy beanbag chair. But the second half is probably my most intimate interview ever. I get naughty, I get bitchy, I even change genders for a brief time--and hey, it’s really interesting to be on the other side of the sex war! So, if you want to hear the real Donna George Storey (and her dirty-minded male alter-ego) let it all hang out, pop on over to Dr. Dick's right now! I guarantee you'll be moved ;-).


Jeremy Edwards said...

All I can say is:


: ) : ) : )

Donna said...

Yes, I read that part by popular demand ;-)

Anonymous said...

No huge surprise that I loved this interview. ;) Thanks to Dr. Dick for allowing you two to go over time! :)

I really appreciated your emphasis on truth and sexuality in this interview. In the first part you mentioned the empowerment of "talking back" to the establishment, as it were, by expressing your sexual truth through writing. I quite related to that and was delighted to hear you say it. Later, I found your declaration that your sexual heroes were "anybody who tells the truth about sex" so beautiful -- followed by Dr. Dick's beautiful proclamation that enabling such in others is one of his missions in life. I really found that exchange so truly heartening.

Also, I found your theory about the superficial sex-saturation evident in our culture being supported by the mainstream because an in-depth, honest attention to sexuality would remove some of the (arguably unconscious/subconscious and thus so effectively manipulative) effectiveness of using sex to sell just fascinating. I had never thought of it quite like that before.

I love that scene you read from "Yes," by the way -- especially the final line. Your reading of it was just gorgeous.

Thank you to both of you!

Donna said...

Thank you all for listening! Really, I so appreciate your time and attention and I'm glad you found my "message" of some value. You guys are THE BEST!