Tuesday, December 09, 2008

My HOTTEST Interview Ever!

My favorite part of book promotion has definitely been the interviews. Each host who’s been kind enough to me into their airy salon has asked thought-provoking, intelligent questions and helped me see my work in a new way. I’ve felt true support and interest and each time my life feels a bit richer for the experience. Of course, radio has its restrictions and the George Carlin rules shaped our discussions, but rather like a good bondage session, sometimes restrictions can increase the pleasure.

Then again, sometimes it’s fun just to say, forget rules and let it all hang out! That’s what I’ve done on my interview with the charming and provocative Dr. Dick. Thanks to an introduction by the awesome Jeremy Edwards, Dr. Dick invited me to be part of his series of interviews with artists who explore the erotic in their work, called The Erotic Mind.

The first part of my interview on Dr. Dick’s Sex Advice: Sex Advice With An Edge is available for your listening pleasure right here. I read from a shamelessly juicy part of Amorous Woman and tell all about how I started writing, why I write under my own name, the allure of multi-cultural erotica and much more. And if you like part one, you are really going to enjoy part two. That’s when things get really steamy!


EllaRegina said...

Swell job, but what else is new? I bought me some Ropex before you came on. Looking forward to Part 2. Yet steamier? My, my!

Donna said...

Yep, I'm giving Ropex to everyone on my holiday gift list. It's got to be good for women, too, right ;-)?

EllaRegina said...

I'll let you know if I get the semen volume release I'm hoping for.

Jeremy Edwards said...

I finally got a chance to listen to this today! Wow, you and Dr. Dick make a great conversational team—and that's not just the Ropex talking. I felt like I was in the room with you, lounging in a beanbag chair, as I soaked up all the intriguing insights and the exquisite excerpt.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely interview, and as ER alluded to, that may be starting to sound repetitious, lol. But really, it was so delightful to hear you -- I so love your voice! And I quite enjoyed Dr. Dick as well, as I did with Jeremy's interview.

I loved your point about senses/attention being heightened in a different culture due to the subtle divergence from what one is used to (and thus perhaps registers automatically). Very cool and interesting point.

And indeed, you did get to read a beautiful excerpt! :) I'm quite looking forward to the next installment!