Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Do You Like Your Lingerie with an Amorous Twist?

Hey, the holiday treats just keep coming! It's not just the cookies. I have the sweetest pleasure to be featured on an awesome web site I've been lurking about on for some time now, ever since Jeremy Edwards introduced me to the pleasures of apricot panties and antique kimono.... Anyway, Ms. Slip of Girl got a copy of my novel, Amorous Woman, from her girlfriend Gracie Passette (a girlfriend after my own heart) and she liked it, too, and posted a wonderful review on her site.

She's also running a contest until December 18 where you can win a copy of Amorous Woman for yourself or a friend by doing one simple thing:

"All you have to do is tell me the most embarrassing place you've been caught reading erotica -- or, if you've never been caught, you can tell us your favorite place to read erotica &/or what's your favorite piece of lingerie to wear when you want to enjoy yourself reading erotica -- we're easy like that *wink*"

Now that's pretty easy, and it's also fun, so get your satin-clad booty (or boxer-clad booty or G-string or briefs or tap pants or whatever you wear under there-booty) over to Slip of a Girl and enter to win. I don't mind sending extra copies to my friends. I'm sure you have a girlfriend who'd like a little trip to Japan this holiday season?


Jeremy Edwards said...

Apricot panties must be in the air today*—my copy of Frenzy just arrived, containing my story "You in Your Apricot Panties."

*Now where did I put my butterfly net?

I'm so glad you and Slip are teaming up!

Anonymous said...

A lovely review, and lol at your story @ Sex and Candy! I love the way you told it. :)

Also lol at this: "*Now where did I put my butterfly net?"!

Congratulations on another well-deserved fabulous review!

Maryanne Stahl said...

wishing you a delicious holiday! xxx