Sunday, September 14, 2008

Madame Butterfly Praises Amorous Woman!

Let me start by saying one of the very best parts of writing Amorous Woman has been the amazing people I’ve met who’ve honored me with their time in reading my naughty tale and then have gone on to write wonderful, articulate reviews. I appreciate how much that takes out of a busy day because even a short review can take a while to craft to satisfaction, not to mention some absolutely stunning analyses of the novel that have even enlightened me as to what I offer!

I'll confess there is one set of readers who make me a little bit nervous—people who’ve actually lived in Japan. One of my goals in writing my novel was to present the “truth” of my experience, ironic given the focus on lies and illusion, but it has been a number of years since I was immersed in the culture and I wasn’t sure I’d get it right. Imagine my delight when I saw the lovely and generous review by Madame Butterfly, a woman who knows and loves Japan in a way that feels very familiar indeed. I first met MB over at Lust Bites, the beginning of many good things, and discovered we had a lot in common. I always stop by her blog when I’m cyber-surfing for her laugh-out-loud humor and evocative reviews of erotica—so imagine my surprise and delight when I clicked on over and saw her, that half-naked woman who is so ubiquitous around my house as seen in the box of bookmarks, the multiple refrigerator magnets, and the shipping-torn copy I use to read from at events which is always lying around somewhere. MB had reviewed Amorous Woman!

Before the little knot of nervousness in my stomach could balloon too large, I dove in and read. Lo and behold, Madame Butterfly had brought a smile to my face again. To check out her review, head on over to her very fun blog here. If she won’t convince you I’m telling the truth about Japan with her seductive words, you are one tough customer to please!


EllaRegina said...

From Madame Butterfly's review:

"And as far as actual representation of the foreigner's experience in Japan, it's top notch and spot on."

An A+ "Commando" review -- itself beautifully written -- by someone who thoroughly understands the subject and all its pertinent cultural juxtapositions, is very special, indeed. Congratulations!

Craig Sorensen said...

To have a story resonate with someone who has similar experiences must be hugely gratifying.

What a fine review!

LVLM(Leah) said...

I've written Donna many times that she has no idea how close to the truth her book was for me. It was as if she had written my life while living there.

It was very difficult to write my review because, as I told her, it's like reviewing my own heart and experience. Not and easy thing to do. I still feel as if I didn't do justice to this book and how it affected me, but I tried.

I really hope this book gets into the hands of many more readers because even outside of the fact that it's a accurate portrayal of an amorous gaijin's life in Japan, it's just so well written and for that alone it deserves to be a best seller.

Donna said...

Thanks, EllaRegina and Craig, it is gratifying and satisfying and...well, Madame B, I am glad you took the challenge--because I do know what you mean about writing about something close to your own experience. It is much harder than talking about a more distant issue in a purely intellectual way. Emotion seems to defy words--this is perhaps a writer's biggest challenge. Oh, I could go on and on, but thank you all. I have the greatest cyber-friends ever!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a lovely review! I'm so glad you received such from someone who has been the same place(s) that were in the book, someone in the "set of readers who make [you] a little bit nervous." Yay!