Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Good Girl Gone Bad

If you haven't already seen my brand-new, gorgeous book trailer for Amorous Woman, check it out here on Youtube! I've been getting a lot of great feedback. Many people say they like my sexy voice, which is very gratifying. After all, writing is about voice....

After you've feasted your eyes on the lovely Japanese prints and the mildly provocative photographs from my archives, you might want to do a little feasting of the more literal kind on some of late summer's bounty from the Farmers' Market. If so, head over to the Erotic Readers and Writers Association for a look at my September offering for my column, Cooking up a Storey, entitled "Good Girl Gone Bad: Sucking Up, Getting Down and Risky Encounters in the Kitchen." I talk about the perils of promoting an erotic novel and the thrill of breaking rules in the bedroom, the boardroom and, of course, the kitchen. My "No-recipe Recipe for Empowerment Soup or Stew for Those Who Like to Misbehave By the Rules" is a perfect way to take advantage of the abundance of the harvest.

Come on, live a little dangerously!


Anonymous said...

I found so much cool stuff to respond to in this month's column! First, as I said on my own blog, I have felt baffled and indignant at the idea of booksellers declining to sell Amorous Woman (did you ever direct them to its Amazon page where every single one of the 19 reviews is a well deserved five stars?); thus, I am sorry you encountered the experience(s) you described as such. That said, I myself have been known to embrace both the word and idea of "whore" in recent years, as any who have attempted to use it "against" me as an insult have observed. It simply doesn't work, because I find nothing insulting about it. What position is anyone else in to judge just about anything about my sexuality? That's just me of course. :)

About the cooking -- I started off the opposite, starting cooking at a time when I would find halfway through a recipe that I didn't have the required ingredients and was decidedly too lazy to go out and get them, lol. Thus it did not take long for me to abandon recipes as a concept and make things up on the fly. I took note of your acknowledgement that careful cooking "by the rules" has helped provide you with a foundation from which to make up your own recipes, and I can certainly appreciate that -- I would imagine that's one reason I have probably experienced considerably more "flops" than you have! ;) But regardless, congratulations to you on your discovery of this creative channel in yourself.

Thanks for the great article (which I apparently felt compelled to write a nearly article-length response to myself, lol), as usual!!


Craig Sorensen said...

That was an excellent column, Donna. It really lends an insight into your creative process, and how your different passions feed each other and grow through challenges.

Well done!

Donna said...

Emerald and Craig, who cares about a bunch of snotty ladies when I have the most articulate and awesome group of writing buddies on the planet. I think I could win a National Book Award just collecting your comments on my blog? Seriously :-)

Emerald, you have given me a wonderful burst of energy this morning with your claiming of the original meaning of the word and idea of the whore. Now, I think it still applies in the negative sense to some politicians, but that is another conversation. In terms of female sexuality--it's dead!

As for cooking, Craig, I would love to hear if you find a relationship between your writing and culinary talents. I hope some day to taste one of your yummy meals, but in the meantime, food porn works well....

Craig Sorensen said...

There is definitely a link between the culinary passion and the passion for writing. I feel like all the arts kind of link together in varying degrees -- one passion feeds the other and so on.

Likewise, I hope to enjoy one of your fine meals!