Thursday, May 08, 2008

More Random and Shocking Facts About Me!

I’ve been tagged by Kay Sexton and I have to say I enjoy these “random fact” lists. It’s kind of an excuse to show and tell. This time the number is six, all random, all true!

ONE: I own a very sexy Tupac T-shirt, which my son wore to school and shocked his friends by saying it was his mom’s

TWO: My first paying prose publication was for a breastfeeding magazine

THREE: I read The Godfather in fifth grade—my introduction to sex scenes was the stand-up encounter between Sonny Corleone and Lucy Mancini at Connie’s wedding

FOUR: Farmer’s markets turn me on

FIVE: I’ve never had a good (romantic) experience with a guy named “Tom”

SIX: My happy juice of choice is a rustic, reasonably-priced red wine, although I’ll endure the expensive stuff on special occasions!

I'll tag my six victims soon--got to get their okay first!

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