Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A "Bless"-ed Review of Amorous Woman

Just when all the work of book promotion was getting me down, I had a wonderful surprise in the form of a new and wonderfully intelligent review of Amorous Woman by Janine Ashbless, whom I first met over at Lust Bites. We also rubbed shoulders in Alison Tyler's I is for Indecent, and I must admit, indecent as it is, that her flagship story "Wet" really lingered with me. Whew, yes, some of the details of the story are just so vivid....excuse me a moment.

Okay, I'm not in the stairwell of a car park anymore, skirt raised, my taupe silk and lace panties abandoned, I'm back at my desk being very serious and focused ;-). So, anyway, because I admire Janine's work so much, it's especially cool that she liked--and "got"--my novel. I know that some erotica writers can get pretty jaded as readers, too, so I don't take this for granted. In fact, I know my colleagues are a tougher audience. So when words like this come my way, I'm a happy little smut writer indeed. Here's a teaser, click on over to Janine's blog for the whole tamale!

"My tolerance for contemporary erotic memoirs is normally pretty low but this author managed to keep my interest to the end, with her skilful interweaving of modern Japan, with all its contradictions, with the personal journey of a restless soul. A really fascinating read."

Thanks, Janine, I'm glad I could return the favor!


Janine Ashbless said...

You liked "Wet"! Ooh!
*blushes with pleasure*

Jeremy Edwards said...

Congrats on the great review from the great Janine!

And did you see yourself in the Forum review of E is for Exotic?

Donna said...

I didn't see the Forum review--thanks for pointing it out to me. I expect we'll see an upswing of UK tourists to Japan very soon based on that endorsement!