Thursday, May 01, 2008

Dirty Girls, Dirty Words and Kickass Cupcakes

So, I just wanted to report that I had a great time at the reading for Dirty Girls on Monday night. It was wonderful to have friends there to support me, the venue was a cool bar with red velvet banquettes and sake cocktails, and it was absolutely transporting to hear all the writers bring their stories to life with their sexy, expressive voices. (See the rest of the photos here.)

Rachel (far right--you know who she is) started off the reading with an excerpt from her introduction, which really does capture the wonderful variety of themes in the anthology. I think I fall into the "sultry sirens intent on performing on a sexual stage of their own creation" least my story has lots of sexuality on stages anyway.

Melissa Gira (far left in the photo) went next with her beautifully lyrical "A Prayer to Be Made Cocksure"--it was even better when read with the passion and poetry Melissa brought to the mike. I chuckled in places when I read Gina de Vries' (center) "The Next Thing," but her performance brought the house down at times, when she wasn't tugging heart strings with the poignant scenes in her tale. I went next and read one section of my fairly long story--Dreams Before Bedtime, where the narrator fantasizes about what sex was like seventy years ago at the time of the Chicago World's Fair. It's one of my favorite parts of my story, so it was fun to read. Carol Queen (second from right) delivered her lighthearted and very sexy story, "Shocking Expose! Secrets Revealed!" with such energy and verve, it was absolutely contagious.

It was a real thrill to be part of such a talented group and to chat afterwards. Oh, I can't forget the cupcakes. I sampled the red velvet cupcakes--devil's food cake with chocolate chips and a tangy frosting--and the sunken lemon cupcakes that had this wonderfully crispy edge and a moist, tart-sweet center. They were just fabulous and I might have to cook up an event of my own so I can order a bunch more (Sharlene's Babycakes only does special orders).

Anyway, I had such fun, I'm a little less scared about my own reading on June 17. Except of course I'm still worried absolutely no one will show up. But I wouldn't be the first author to suffer such a fate--it'll make me more of a seasoned pro, no?

I am going to try to get to more readings, even if I'm not behind the mike. It's VERY inspiring!


Craig Sorensen said...

Dirty Girls, Dirty Words and Kickass Cupcakes? Sounds like an epic combination!

Even if, and I think this highly unlikely, no one shows up on June 17, you won't be alone

I'll be there with you, if only in spirit!

Unknown said...

Hi sweetie, nice cakes!

I just tagged you, all the details are on my blog, sorry if it causes you grief but I'll bet there are many things you can share ...