Saturday, October 20, 2007

Method Writing?

Check out the latest hilarious entry (October 20, 2007) in Sage Vivant's Amalgamated Erotica Corp blog, which chronicles the ongoing saga of the wild shenanigans that go on at Custom Erotica Source. As a proud staff member, I can tell you that it does get wild! And Sage has spilled my biggest secret: I need a healthy dose of real-life material to create my stories. This is absolutely true! But she forgot to mention that sometimes when I'm doing the housewife thing, I don't wear panties at all....

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Anonymous said...

Great site and reviews. There is one author that should be mentioned here and its Brianna Martini. All her books contain at least one recipe, and she is coming out with a new sexy romantic cookbook in June of 2008.
Jeannie Botham