Thursday, October 25, 2007

Cyber Book Tour: Kay Sexton and Writing Neuroses

Okay, everybody, the book promotion fun has begun in earnest! I’ve kicked off my cyber book tour for Amorous Woman with my first stop at Kay Sexton’s UK-based blog, Writing Neuroses. This is especially appropriate not only because of the location, but because Kay’s blog is a wonderful resource for writers. Kay herself has been a generous source of information and support for me as I try to figure out how to promote my book across an ocean.

The other reason you should check out the interview is because the questions really got me thinking—and prodded me to articulate a few things I’d never really tried to put into words before. You can find out all kinds of secrets about the earliest roots of my novel, what I do and don’t know about writing sex scenes, and my fantasy life lolling away the day on a desert island while I wait for the rescue boat to arrive.

So, pop on over to Brighton and check it out!

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