Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Thrills at Virtual Wordsmith!

Happy Halloween! This has always been my favorite holiday because like all writers I love pretending to be someone else for a brief time. This year I pulled out the hanbok I bought in Korea in 1983 and I’m going as Jang Geum, the title character from the popular Korean historical drama about the only woman to rise to the position of head physician in the Chosun court of the 16th century. I’m pretty excited about that because the dress is gorgeous, even though it makes me look fat, but everyone looks fat in hanbok. You could be eight months pregnant and no one would know.

But I’ve got even more exciting news today—a visit with Virtual Wordsmith blogger Mary Lynn Lewis. Lynn reviewed my novel Amorous Woman in her August 28 post and followed up with an interview today, Halloween 2007. Lynn and I did not know each other before I found out about her book review blog, but I liked what I saw and queried her about doing a review of my book. I was a bit nervous when she said yes. I can count on friends to be diplomatic at least, but with strangers I knew I’d be getting an honest response to my work. Imagine my delight—that’s a big, huge, happy my-heart-is-soaring grin—when Lynn posted her very positive review.

“Donna George Storey is a storyteller, as well as a writer. I had a difficult time stepping away from this book, because I felt transported while reading it. I also didn't want it to end. I wanted to know more!”

Really, I couldn’t have dreamed of a better one! To read more of the review plus an interview with me where I discuss feisty characters who rebel against my writerly plans, why erotica can justly claim to be “real” literature and not just a poor cousin, and how I get creative highs away from the keyboard, stop by Virtual Wordsmith. And check out the other book reviews as well!

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