Tuesday, March 05, 2013

The Erotic Magic of She Said-He Said

I’ve been having a very good time reading my contributor’s copy of Sudden Sex: 69 Sultry Short Stories edited by Alison Tyler and including favorite writers such as Jeremy Edwards, Vida Bailey, Heidi Champa and Jax Baynard.  Erotica definitely lends itself to the shorter form.  When I write erotic stories under 2000 words, I definitely find myself turning up the heat for a quick boil.  But I still like to have all the ingredients for a good story ready to mix in for a satisfying result! 

A number of authors have more than one story in the anthology, so it’s also been interesting to see how the two stories complement each other.  Some, like Alison Tyler’s “Booked” and “Bookended,” which open and close the book, portray a promising meeting between a client and a bookstore employee, following by an even more promising first date.  The wordplay and meta aspects are as much fun as the kinky sex!

My two stories in the book were lots of fun to write because the first, “Frank,” is the “she said” and the second, “Eva,” is the “he said” of a femsub relationship.  Exploring the same scene from two different points of view, getting deep inside two different minds, is the kind of exciting writers love most.  I’d like to whet your appetite with two sample views of the same moment.  I didn’t want to give too much away, so if you find these tame, all I can say is get yourself a copy of Sudden Sex and read the stories!

From “Frank”:

I perched myself at the edge of the bed feeling very much on edge myself.  Who knew what Frank would do tonight?  I was suddenly aware of the warm slickness between my legs.

Frank could make me wet before he even touched me.

Just then he sauntered into the bedroom, an impressive erection already tenting his robe.  I blushed and looked away.

He sat on the bed beside me.  “You have something naughty to tell me, don’t you, Eva?  I know that expression on your face.”

My cheeks flamed brighter.

“Are you going to confess or will I need to resort to firmer means?”

I felt another gush of arousal ooze down my thighs.  “While I waited for you, I ....”

“Out with it.”

“I touch... touched myself.”

“Indeed?  Do you think of me and masturbate when you’re at home, too?”

I nodded reluctantly.

Frank clicked his tongue.  “Your poor bastard of a husband has no idea how depraved you are.  You know you need to be disciplined for this?”

I nodded again, my heart now thumping against my ribs.

Calmly, deliberately, Frank arranged my body diagonally across the bed and tied my wrists to the bed poster with the belts of our robes.... 

From “Eva”:

Eva meets me at the door in the hotel bathrobe, bright-eyed and gorgeous.  I swear I can smell her pussy, like fresh baked bread.  I know that shaving for me arouses her, but something else is afoot.  A secret.  Almost as if she’s had a lover while I was gone.

My cock twitches. 

I send her off to bed and go change into a robe myself.  When I join her, Eva’s sitting on the edge of the bed studying the carpet and looking guilty as hell.

“You have something naughty to tell me, don’t you, Eva?  I know that expression on your face.”

She stutters, but finally admits that she masturbated while she waited for me.  My cock gets harder.  I can just picture her in the bath, her cunt all dewy, that slim finger jiggling away in the folds. 

I ask her if she fantasizes about me when she masturbates at home, behind the back of her poor unwitting husband.

She bites her lip and nods.

“You know you need to be disciplined for this?”

She catches her breath. 

I smile.  She’s handed me the perfect reason to tie her up—to keep those wandering fingers from doing more mischief.  It’s always easier to push the limits when she “deserves” it.  Still I pay close attention to her response as I bind her wrists to the bed post with the belts of our robes.  This was new for us.  So far, so good....

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