Wednesday, January 18, 2012

All About Pleasure: Eat Chocolate!

One of the many exciting new developments of 2012 is a new feature on the ERWA blog--a rotating roster of some of erotica's sexiest authors will post a column on specific days of the month.  I get the 18th--my 18th year was a memorable one--and I plan to make it an exercise in self-indulgence.  This month I explain how eating two different kinds of chocolate in one sitting will improve your writing and your sex life.  Check out "All About Pleasure: Stimulate Your Senses."  Now it's time to go out and buy some good chocolate!


Danielle said...

ha..have to read that..with a french mother of course i believe in the omnipotent power of chocolate^^

Donna said...

The French are wise when it comes to wine, food and love. Great to hear from you, Danielle! I hope the new year brings you all delicious things :-).

Danielle said...

...if the new year brings me back in touch with you it is delicious enough:-P

Unknown said...

I have always found chocolate to be one of the most sensual of tastes. It also can give you at little rush when writing and you need that extra energy.
I experimented eating different types of chocolate types 95%, 75%, dark, milk and white while writing different scenes and describing the chocolate in the scene (since I made it a part of it). It added something that I had never thought possible from a simple taste of something.
Now when I write, I always use taste, particularly chocolate, in some scenes in my stories for added exciting content.
I'll always believe that chocolate and romance go together.
Thanks for bring this up.