Friday, November 05, 2010

Sexy, Secret Gardens

You all remember those sizzling Nancy Friday "studies" of female sexual fantasies back in the 1970's that blew the cover off of the Victorian myth that women were sexless creatures who only engaged in the marital act out of their innate maternal instinct? They certainly inspired me to get wilder in my daydreams and ultimately to write my own fantasies out for publication throughout the Anglophone world.

Thank you, Nancy!

Today at The Erotic Woman, a totally awesome erotica website, you can read my tribute to Nancy Friday fantasies which I've entitled "Secret Gardens." Some of it may be familiar from an earlier blog post on Nancy and her revolutionary books (plus the lie behind them, but all's fair in love and war!) But there's a second part to Pittsburgh housewife Jessica's fantasies that's much hotter, so click on over and vote and comment--if you can type with one hand ;-). What better way to start the weekend than with a reminder our minds our always free to weave a beautiful tapestry of desire?


Craig Sorensen said...

That Jessica is one nasty girl. Excellent fantasies and imagery.

That's some serious power she wields!

Danielle said...

oh that i ll have to read..because i did read all nancy friday books the 90ies..but better late then never no?

so thank you for sharing:-)

Donna said...

Oh, I know, Craig, and to think she's a LIBRARIAN! But when she takes her glasses off, watch out, gentlemen ;-).

And Danielle, fantasies are timeless. I still reread Nancy now and then....

Jeremy Edwards said...

Well done, DGS!

I discovered the NF books—the original two volumes of women's fantasies, followed eventually by Men in Love, in the '80s and '90s. Definitely educational, both in a general way and in terms of showing one that one isn't the only person in the world to fantasize about this or that.

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