Sunday, July 13, 2008

Amorous Woman Gets Sage and Vivacious

Lydia's safely back in the pages of Amorous Woman, acting out all of her steamy scenes with renewed enthusiasm, and so we've chugged on to the next stop on our amorous blog tour: a little chat with Sage Vivant about sex and Japan, love hotels, more confessions about autobiographical moments in the novel and plenty of other spicy topics.

When I first started blogging, I made a list of seven writers' soirees I'd like to attend. One involved talking shop in a low-lit San Francisco tapas place with Sage and M. Christian. Sometimes wishes do come true! Sage and I have had many delightful lunches in San Francisco, although mostly in a charming French bistro, called The Butler and the Chef. I can't resist their fabulous beet, walnut, and goat cheese salad--and am totally enchanted by the complimentary truffles for dessert. (However, if you're there around Thanksgiving, you must try the French-style pumpkin pie, the best on earth!)

Sage is definitely one of the writers who makes erotica a fun place to hang--she gives good blog, too! So check it and leave a comment and maybe we'll invite you along to The Butler and the Chef next time for some delicious talk....

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