Friday, February 08, 2008

Cleis' Naughty Spelling Contest

They say readers love contests and give-aways. Well, Cleis Press has come up with a good one for this Valentine's Day--a creative spelling contest. You make up a word or words based on the covers for the twelve existing volumes in the fabulous "Erotic Alphabet" series of anthologies edited by Alison Tyler. To enter, you have to line up the covers to spell a word, take a picture, and send that in, for which you'll win volumes A-L.

I'm in "E is for Exotic," "I is for Indecent" and "K is for Kinky." Let's see K-I-E? E-K-I? That means "train station" in Japanese--very sexy places, train stations.... I-K-E? Eisenhower was pretty sexy or at least Kay Summersby thought so. Hmm, I may have to do a little book shopping to win big here.

I'm looking forward to the poster of all 26 letters myself!

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EllaRegina said...

I think *you* can get away with a Japanese word -- just provide the translation. It is a cute promotional idea, indeed. I feel like I want to ask Vanna White for some letters which don't exist yet, not to mention buying the remaining vowels. Maybe Cleis can team up with "Wheel of Fortune" for an erotic word game. *Then* I might watch TV.