Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Big Book of Submission: Remaking the Rules

It’s my great pleasure to be today’s blog tour stop for Rachel Kramer Bussel’s The Big Book of Submission: 69 Kinky Tales. This luscious book is a smorgasbord of tales from veteran eroticists and new voices, all less than 1200 words, but packing a powerful punch because you get nothing but “the good parts.” There is definitely something for every taste!

Fifty Shades of Grey has brought the appeal of D/s erotic play into the popular consciousness, but my story, “Perfect Gentleman,” illustrates that rules and restraints are not a fad, but a timeless component of eroticism. I’d argue that the reason themes of dominance and submission are so enthralling to us is that we humans are hierarchical creatures and the negotiation of power is a force as vital to us as water, food, and yes, sexuality.

I came of age in the era when sexual fantasy meant Penthouse letters and Nancy Friday’s My Secret Garden. In my understanding at the time, sexual fantasy was an escape from real life to a place where boundaries are broken so that all of our sexual desires came true in a blaze of pleasure. Think impromptu orgies in college dorms or the mailman popping in for a hot sexual encounter while making his appointed rounds. In that view, it wouldn’t “make sense” to fantasize about frustration or restriction or pain or power exchange. Everything was supposed to be free and equal and beautiful. Of course, I’ve long since come to appreciate the marvelous capacity of sexual fantasy to get the better of simplistic explanation.

What if, rather than merely a means to escape society’s restraints on sexual impulses, our creative minds could play with these rules, twist them around, intensify them, yet still bring us to a satisfyingly pleasurable outcome?

This is why I had so much fun writing “Perfect Gentleman,” indeed, I smiled the whole time! My characters play with old-fashioned rules of conduct for ladies and gentleman, turning propriety on its hypocritical head. I’ll leave you with a very proper excerpt to whet your appetite for a delightfully improper collection of tales:

She narrows her eyes, cat-like.  “Aren’t you going to try to kiss me again?”

“May I?”

She giggles, but opens her mouth to him easily enough.  Their tongues dance.  She makes mewing noises, like she always does when she’s ready to go at it.  Yet whenever he tries to touch her breast, she twists away.  She’s not wearing a bra, either, but some weird, rigid undergarment—a corset?  His penis throbs in his pants.

“Control yourself, please.  Remember that I’m a lady.” 

In spite of her protest, she’s the one who practically pulls him down on top of her. 

“No, please,” she whimpers as she lodges her thigh between his so she’s putting just the right pressure on his cock.

“Come on, let’s do it,” he begs.

“You know I’m saving myself for my honeymoon.”

Cut the crap, he almost blurts out.  Suddenly he understands those suckers in days gone by who proposed in the heat of the moment.  He’s so desperate he’d do anything to get inside her pants.  (Spoiler: the ending is happy for all concerned.)

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