Friday, June 25, 2010

Conversing with Your Hips

Life slows down in the summer, but this month has been pretty hot on the short story front. Some new ones written, some finished ones accepted for publication, and the sweetest treat of all, a few old favorites released to a wider audience online. Today my story "Yes, Master" appears at The Erotic Woman, a fantastic erotica site that frequently publishes all my favorite writers like Craig Sorensen, Emerald, Heidi Champa, Jeremy Edwards, Susan DiPlacido, and more, baby.

"Yes, Master" originally appeared in print in Pleasure Bound, edited by Alison Tyler, and I spoke a bit about the allure of genie power when the story made its debut. Today I wanted to share an excerpt that contains my secret favorite part of the story. I always have a special little sensitive spot in each story that is not the most sexually explicit area (usually), but that nonetheless expresses a truth about my experience. In this story, the truth has to do with missionary position sex, more specifically, how I came to appreciate the potential of this symbolically fraught variation of amour.

Hmm, maybe this is too much information, but back in my dewy youth, woman-on-top sex was an immediate favorite with me because I could control things: the angle, the pace, well, everything. When I was on the bottom, the parts didn't naturally fit together as well and so I came to think of it as a "for him" part of the experience. I didn't even really try to make it work for me. But then, one day--or was it a night?--during a slow, leisurely, summer-style encounter, I started working it from the bottom the way I liked it. My partner (you can probably guess who that is, but I'm trying to be discreet here) responded in kind and it became a kind of conversation, just as I describe below. When you talk and listen with sensitivity--with ears, lips, and other parts of the body, too--you can learn some very interesting things.

So here's my secret favorite part of the story--but please don't tell anyone! And you can check out the rest of the conversation at The Erotic Woman (vote and comment, if you're so inspired!)

An Excerpt from "Yes, Master":

It might look like I fucked Tony Rossi from Product Development on our first date, but it was more complicated than that. We’d been having lunch together for months and flirted pretty heavily through several happy hours when he finally asked me out on an “official” date to see a play in late October. We had such a good time we ended the evening naked in his bed—no surprise for two people who’ve been attracted to each other for some time. Except for one thing.

After we were both hot and ready, Tony rolled on top of me, and I thought, okay, I’ll endure this for a while and then show him how I can actually get off. But as he started moving this way and that, it actually started to feel…good. Very good. It’s as if we were having this little conversation with our hips. He’d ask a question, slowly, teasingly. I’d reply with all the right answers, and damn if it wasn’t feeling better and better as our lower regions discovered all sorts of things about each other. Until, surprise of all surprises, I was coming, just from old-fashioned missionary-style fucking alone.

I had to see if it was a one-time fluke, so after a reasonable breather, I pulled Tony on top of me again.

Ten condoms and a half-dozen positions later, it was Sunday afternoon and we still hadn’t gotten out of bed except to make some coffee and pay the pizza delivery guy. Tony seemed as enchanted as I was.

Unfortunately, reality intervened and he told me he had an early flight on Monday and would be in Pasadena all week on business. However he was anxious to know if I was free the following Saturday.

“Sorry, I’m going to Dana’s Halloween party. You know Dana in Marketing, right?” Smitten as I was, I had a strict policy not to stiff my women friends for any guy.

“I was invited, but I was going to blow it off.” He smiled. “Do you have your costume yet?"

“I’m going as Jeannie, you know, from that old TV show.” I sat up, folded my arms and did my best imitation of a Jeannie nod. “Yes, Master, you called?” I gave Tony a look that promised everything. “Sure you can’t make it?”

His eyes twinkled. “I’ll be there.”


Craig Sorensen said...

Magic excerpt, methinks!

Oh, and I loved this statement:

When you talk and listen with sensitivity--with ears, lips, and other parts of the body, too--you can learn some very interesting things.

So true, and so deliciously put!

Jeremy Edwards said...

I love your hip-talking narrator!

And I love knowing about your secret sensitive story spots. That's so sexy in itself.

Danielle said...

ah donna..your hips dont lie:-)

magical exerpt indeed..:-)

vw: badnesse

is blogger out of its mind? there is nothing badnesse about this hip post:-)

Donna said...

Thank you so much for stopping by, hipsters! Yes, Craig, speaking in a "foreign" language can be so illuminating, can't it? And Jeremy, I really seem to be into sensitive spots these days...but you know, I'd love to find out secret favorite parts of other writers' stories. If you're up for sharing ;-)? And Danielle, well, Blogger, it could use some consciousness-raising. Off to check out that Youtube link!

Donna said...

Okay, whew, a music video much enjoyed by the whole household. It brought back memories of my bellydancing days (took classes as a teenager) and I even got in a little practice. Thank you, Danielle, and my "core muscles" thank you, too ;-).

Emerald said...

Ah, indeed, I love Shakira—I really find her one of the sexiest women I've ever seen.

Congrats on the reprint, Donna, and it was delight indeed to read! :)

SusanD said...

Great excerpt, Donna, and I'll definitely check out the rest of the story! Congrats -- I love The Erotic Woman.

Andrée Lachapelle said...

Great post, and great site: I've added it to my blog under "Dirty Words..."
-Andree (
Keep up the good work!