Wednesday, April 04, 2007

"Suit and Tie" gets the nod from a pro

So, She's on Top is now available on Amazon and enlightened book stores near you. I also got my first review from a reader who knows all about women on top. Radical Vixen, a self-identified "kinky hippie political activist who talks dirty on the phone." I like her already!

But it gets better. In her blog review of She's on Top, VR pays me the awesome compliment of calling my story "Suit and Tie": "erotic and realistic"--which is an important combination for her, as it is for me--PLUS she called the ending "superb."

Hey, in general the writing life is lonely road with too few positive strokes for us struggling scribblers (are those tears of sympathy I see, aw thanks!), but now and then--specifically now--when you get a thoughtful review from someone who clearly knows the scene... whew, it doesn't get any better.

I'm especially jazzed by VR's comments because I do try to make my stories realistic and it's not always easy in erotica. I usually present the wilder scenes explicitly as fantasy, where anything goes, and I try to present the sex in the context of a believable relationship, hence my penchant for sex between people who know each other. (Imagine that!) Not that there aren't great erotic pieces that slip beautifully into the impossible, just that I've decided to take on the challenge of presenting sexuality as it can be in the real world--on good days. (Hey, who doesn't like a "happy ending"?)

Most of all, I'm happy because "Suit and Tie" was a sort of a departure for me. Ironically, I relied a great deal on my imagination to portray my dominatrix character. That a knowledgeable professional found truth in my efforts is delightfully validating. And you know, "Suit and Tie" IS definitely one of A-list stories. Buy the book, give it a read. I bet you'll like it, too.

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