Friday, November 10, 2006

Sizzling Stories Coming Out in 2007

I know I haven’t written an entry in some time. I’m still recovering from novel writing in more ways than one! But I did want to announce some great news—two of my stories will be appearing in super sexy Cleis anthologies next February just in time for Valentine’s Day. “Suit and Tie,” the tale of a temp receptionist who takes the upper hand with her boss, will appear in She’s On Top: Erotic Stories of Female Dominance and Male Submission, and I have to admit this one is a personal favorite. “Yes” made it into He’s On Top: Erotic Stories of Male Dominance and Female Submission, and I’m especially thrilled because I attempted a male POV, which is always a challenge for me, and I guess it worked! I’d say my protagonist is rather romantic for a bossy dude—I kind of like him even though he makes his girlfriend do some pretty wild things. Rachel Kramer Bussel edited both and she is so totally cool to work with, I sometimes start thinking this writing schtick can actually be fun! As always, the Cleis covers are luscious and the table of contents shimmers with stars of erotic writing. I am in amazing company!

I am pondering one interesting question arising from the dual publication—which of the anthologies will sell better? I’m expecting She’s On Top will get more sales just because we all get a little thrill out of overturning the usual hierarchy. Or maybe it’s that since most of us were raised by women, the dominatrix figure lurks in the shadowy depths of all of our souls? I would certainly bet real money (and I am NOT a betting woman) that more men will buy She’s On Top. I’ll be checking the Amazon ratings and let you know.

More soon.

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